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What would you like to know about Emma? 

Emma has been qualified as a chiropractor since 2000 and has been treating dogs for this entire time. Her dog work snowballed when she met Rachel Mowbray MRCVS, as Rachel was competing as well as Team vet on the Team GB agility teams. Emma was invited to join the Team GB management as Team Chiropractor in 2009, which she continued through to 2015. As a team we travelled the world looking after competitors, both dogs and people, and supported the team management through 3 different Captains.
Emma played a pivotal role in the embryonic stages of the International Veterinary Chiropractic Association, setting up and running various committees within this, such as Research, Education Standards and CPD. She served in this association for 8 years in total.
Through her energy and enthusiasm Emma was part of the teaching team internationally - she has taught various aspects of Animal Chiropractic education throughout the world, including, Germany, US, Spain, and of course the UK. Elements such as dissection, neurology, practical skills, philosophy and history of chiropractic, have all given her a greater understanding of how a dogs’s body should work, and through dissection, how different each individual is, whilst still keeping up with the ‘normals’. 
Emma is a Fellow of the Royal College of Chiropractors, and is currently Chair of the Animal Faculty within this. She is also a member of McTimoney Chiropractic Association, as well as Ramp, and the IVCA. She is a registered and regulated Chiropractor with the General Chiropractic Council, and acts as primary health care to her people patients.
She works from her clinic near Evesham and as a consultant to Vale Vets Referral centre in Dursley where she helps to manage their physical rehabilitation centre – PET Rehab. She has worked with this team since 2007. She also works at Leadon Vale Vets in Ledbury, alongside the clinical director. Plus a monthly clinic in Taunton (Win Clinic) and her home clinic near Hereford. Emma also has a team of 11 dogs that work with and for her, both in terms of demo’s and talks, as well as field trials.
With this invaluable experience Emma has gained extensive knowledge in canine treatments, medications, disease and surgery. Her recent qualification as CCRP, she is the only non-vet in the UK who has gained this certificate - giving precious skills and hands on experience in injury detection and rehabilitation. With this in mind and rest assured, she would not hesitate to refer an animal back to you if she felt something was amiss.


Emma’s Qualifications to date:

  • CCRP - US 2020
  • OA Clinical Case Manager - US 2020
  • Canine Sports Medicine - Germany 2016
  • Advanced Animal Chiropractic - Germany 2016
  • Applied Kinesiology & Brain Function for Animals 2012
  • Animal chiropractic - Germany 2004
  • Animal Chiropractic - UK 2000
  • Chiropractic - UK 2000

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