Complimentary telephone consultation - ask us now!


New patient consultation: £90, subject to vet consent. 

This includes a questionnaire that you will need to fill out prior to the initial session. We will work with your vets to gain consent for treatment. If your dog hasn't seen your vet for 6 + months, they may well require a check up before consent is granted.

K9 Chiropractic & Rehabilitation sessions: £60 

This is a combo of chiropractic and rehab techniques, as well as a home exercise program if required, and when appropriate, following the initial new patient consultation. 

Laser - £45 per session, 6 sessions paid upfront: £240. 

Laser has 3 elements in which it can be beneficial: promotes healing, reduces inflammation, and reduces pain. It is great for acute and chronic injuries, as well as the golden oldies and getting the arthritic changes under control in terms of pain.

Ultrasound - £45 per session, 6 sessions paid upfront: £240. 

Depending on the area needed to be treated, the coat will be clipped and gel applied to the dog, to aid in the transmission of the sound waves into the target area.

Fitness plans: £150.

This is a sport specific fitness plan with a targeted date to work towards - ie in agility - Crufts or Olympia, or a specific show in the summer. Alternatively a more general approach, and getting the best out of your training and bond with your dog. We would look at the structure of the dog, critically appraise, and formulate a plan to improve areas, as well as cardiovascular and endurance aspect of fitness. It could also be used to get your dog ready for the sporting season ahead - whatever the sport you both love to do.

Post surgery / Post injury rehab package: £495 over 3 months.

This is a combination of in person and online sessions through the treatment package of 3 months, ideal for a post op surgery like cruciate repair or a specific injury that needs months of rehab.