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Welcome to Dogs in Detail

The place to come to for all those extras that we need to compete with our dogs… whether its agility, obedience, working trial, field trials, flyball, showing, rally or whatever sport you have in mind, this place can give you all that information you never realised you needed until you need it! We don’t interfere with you and your dog’s training, but all those ancillary aspects that simply don’t get covered…
From a holistic approach to dog training and living with your dog, to nutrition throughout the year, as well as throughout the life of the dog, to performance enhancement and injury prevention, as well if things do go a little wrong then lots about injury rehabilitation to get your dog back to competition. You also have fitness plans, how to differentiate the gait aspects of the dog, understand what we look for in injury detection, what we feel and where… there is so much that you can use to your advantage, whilst keeping the unique dog in front of you at heart.
Seen something that you cannot just put your fingers on again? This website is ever evolving… all the previous articles, videos and content will be stored in The Vault. This will eventually become the most amazing resource for YOU.
Don’t forget to join and participate in our lively and supportive FB group – Dogs in Detail – The Kennel. There will be a general weekly format that we will follow with guest speakers, expert access and specialists on a regular basis.
If there is something you want to know about specifically, please drop us a line, leave a comment in the group, messenger us, just simply ask! We will endeavor to either cover it in the next topics or get an expert in to give some advice where possible.
Dogs in Detail has been made with you and your dog in mind, some of the content is video, some a presentation, some written, some graphics. If something doesn’t make sense, please ask, don’t just dismiss it, after all its mostly our informed opinions, and I am happy to have my opinions changed if the evidence is out there!!!
We really look forward to working with you, seeing that partnership flourish, share in your highs and lows of the competition world, be there to support and chatter about the different aspects of the complex competition dog world.
Yours in dogs sport,
Emma x

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How It Works?

For a simple £29 per month or £7.25 per week (2 coffees per week), or less than a £1 per day, you will get all of this:

• Exclusive access to the website

• Facebook groups with weekly teaching

• Monthly question and answer session

• Monthly expert access

• Online course(s)

• Plus when more courses are constructed, then more will be available

• Plus teaching on various subjects – warm up, fitness, how to deal with OA etc, nutrition at various stages of dogs life, supplements, what, when and how etc.

We will provide that community, teaching, articles, video, presentations, factual and scientific, all in a palatable format, aimed at helping you and your dogs.

Want to Start Learning Today?

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Membership pricing

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