Frequently Asked Questions

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What do I get

  • Dogs In Detail website as an online resource, this will be ever changing and modules / sections will refresh periodically. With a Vault to find any previous content.
  • Access into the free Facebook group – The Pack
  • Regular teaching on the current topics in the exclusive Facebook group – The Kennel.
  • Regular Q&A session with me in The Kennel group
  • Expert Access on a monthly basis with guest experts, to include Facebook live, and a Q&A session with them inside The Kennel.
  • Online courses
  • Plus much more as it evolves and takes shape

How it works once you have signed up

Once you have registered, added in your details, including your name, address, email, telephone and card details, your will be sent an email with your login details on it. Then login to the website, and change your password to something memorable (so you can remember it in future!). Then peruse the website at your pace, at your leisure. Once the automated confirmation has been sent to me, I will then add you to the exclusive Facebook group – The Kennel, and this will be where all the magic happens, the live, face to face stuff will happen, all the webinars will be streamed into here, all the expert access will be in here, all the various Q&A’s etc. Anything interactive will be done via the Facebook group.
There is a 1 person = 1 membership = 1 login policy, including a restriction on the number of devices (3 in total) you can log into the website from, and there is only 1 access per membership to the Facebook groups. There is also a mechanism that if you are logged in from 2 separate devices at the same time, the software will deem that you have shared your login with someone else, and it will suspend your access. So always log out when you are not using the website.

Why a website as well as Facebook group?

On the main website of Dogs In Detail, ( we will deliver the full content: this will be ever changing and modules / sections and will refresh periodically, live webinars with the experts, and resources with everything you need to get started on each subject including checklists, cheat-sheets, blueprints and templates. The content will always be available to source in the Vault.

Do I get access to the Online courses

Access to the online courses is complementary to the membership, and access will be available exclusively as they are continuously included and updated.

What is the Contract

Firstly there are no contracts or tie-ins. You have to adhere to the Terms and Conditions, and together with the Privacy Policy and the Cookie Policy will form the basis of the agreement, and anyone found in breach of these will be removed from the site and their membership cancelled. But in terms of contracts, then Emma Fretwell Ltd is providing a service, for which you are paying for.

Is there a sharing policy

All content belongs to Emma Fretwell Ltd. This includes the website, the Facebook groups and the business page on Facebook. Any content shared from the Facebook groups and the website is prohibited unless prior written permission is given. Content can be shared from the business page freely. If anyone is found in breach of this, they will be removed from the site and the fb groups, and prosecuted.

Lifetime Rates

When you register, you will be set at a specific rate (the one you selected – whether it is monthly or yearly rates). You have that rate for the lifetime of the membership providing it is continuous membership, so if you were part of the Beta launch, will have a loyalty rate for the continuous lifetime of the membership, if you joined as a normal member, you will have that rate for the continuous lifetime of the membership. This applies to the monthly rates and the yearly rates too.
Membership is only open to reregister at certain times in the year. Therefore if you cancel your membership and want to re-join again, access will be refused until the membership is re-opened again for those wanting to reregister, at the next available date. The rate will be the new current rate offered, which may differ to the rate you were previously paying.

How do I pay, and what happens with recurring payments

Membership is generally done on a month by month basis. Once you have subscribed, the payments will be taken on the 1st of the month thereafter. There is no direct debit or standing order, it’s a rolling monthly fee that is taken from your card. The monies are handled via Stripe, and this what you should see on your bank statement each month. You can cancel at any time, you must give 5 working days notice before the next payment is taken, and your membership will cancel at the end of that month, but kindly give me some notice to sort it out.
There is an option for 12 month membership too, which provides a discounted payment for the 12 month subscription. You will see this is an option when you register. Again the money will come from a card payment, and will appear as Stripe on you bank statement.
If you miss a payment or we were unable to collect it due to a problem your end, you will be notified via email, then there is a 2 week window to bring the account up-to-date, or the membership will cease. 
If you have registered with a reduced rate, and your membership cancels, you forfeit the reduced rate, and if you want to restart your membership you will have to accept the current rates offered at the time.
Please see the Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy, as together these form the basis for any use of the website & Facebook group.