Chiropractic & rehab

Not only can I assess and treat the dogs with chiropractic techniques, I can apply rehabilitation methods for your dog, and get amazing results - poor performance issues, post operative, and post injury issues.

By gaining my CCRP recently (Canine Rehabilitation Certificate from University of Tennessee), I have the ability to look at rehab from a different perspective to the usual physio route. I would still work on the joints and muscles, and prescribe exercise and movement patterns. But I would approach the case from a neurological perspective, affecting the muscle tone, muscle function, joint stability, movement patterns, joint patterns and muscle sequencing. This will affect the dog on much deeper level, and the long term benefits of getting the structure straight and strong, then getting the muscles, tendons etc to work properly… putting the correct foundations in place before building muscle size and bulk.

There are many different avenues when you combine chiropractic with rehabilitation in a post op, post injury and poor performance perspective - whole treatment plans, return to performance plans, general fitness plans. I work closely with many other modalities: Vet, hydro, physio, trainers, all aspiring to work together for the combined approach for the good of your dog.